SanskritPro is a professional state-of-the-art Devanāgarī & Latin Unicode font offered without charge.

 ॐ सर्वे  भ॒वन्तु  सुखि॒नः सर्वे  सन्तु  नि॒राम॑या ।

सर्वे  भ॒द्राणि  प॒श्यन्तु  म॒ा  कश्चिद्  दु॒ःखभाग्भवेत् ॥

Om. May all be happy, all be without disease; May all see good things, and may none be sorrowful.

Jyotirnidhi Nyasa Trust

The Jyotirnidhi Nyasa Trust is a charitable organisation committed to the advancement of education in Vedic philosophy and the Sanskrit language. The Trust has commissioned this calligraphic Devanāgarī font to assist those who wish to study the Sanskrit language and those who wish to share or publish their work.
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