SanskritPro is a family of four fonts which enables the user to alternate between the Devanāgarī and Latin (English) alphabets with the simple touch of a key. The Latin characters have been synchronised both in style and size to the Devanāgarī characters to produce a seamless result without the need to change font size or adjust spacing.

The font contains a large internal library of alternate characters, some of which are variants used in different parts of India and the world. Alternate versions of characters can be accessed through the typography panels or located in the full character set.

The SanskritPro font may be used to render over 120 languages based on the ancient Brahmi script. These languages include Pāḷi, Sanskrit, Hindi, Nepali, Sherpa, Prakrit, Apabhramsha, Awadhi, Bhojpuri, Braj Bhasha, Chhattisgarhi, Haryanvi, Magahi, Nagpuri, Rajashani, Bhili, Dogri, Marathi, Maithili, Kashmiri, Konkani, Sindhi, Bodo, Nepalbhasa, Mundari, Limbu, Marwari, Newari and Santali. The font is also able to be used concurrently for English as well as many other Latin-Based languages. 

As with other languages which require a different keyboard to accommodate their unique alphabets, SanskritPro comes with its own specially enhanced keyboard, based on the standard Devanāgarī QWERTY keyboard, familiar to most Devanāgarī users. It easily delivers frequently used characters, diacritic marks and sounding accents.  

SanskritPro has been developed in compliance with the Unicode Standard, enabling any text created using SanskritPro to be converted into readable text in any other Devanāgarī Unicode font. This is essential for the web, global document exchange and printing and publishing.